Friday, May 11, 2012

Benefits of Toddler Gymnastics

Many people may feel that gymnastics is a sport that is much too challenging and dangerous for young toddlers. Some may also think that gymnastics demands a degree of athleticism that is too high for children this young. If you share these opinions as a parent, you’re likely thinking, “Why on earth would I enroll my toddler into a program like that?” Well, despite what many individuals may believe, the research-proven benefits of toddler gymnastics are positively overwhelming. Toddler gymnastics actually give kids a boost in their early physical, social, and academic development that is very valuable as they continue to grow.

Anyone who has spent time around toddlers know how awkward they can be. The reason is , they are at a important stage in their growth and development of balance, hand-eye co-ordination, and muscle control. Toddler gymnastics helps children develop these skills appropriately, in a fun and lively atmosphere. Children who participate in gymnastics tend to have better control over their bodies, have better hand-eye co-ordination, and also better stability than other children in the same age group. It is a fact proven in study after study, that children who regularly participate in sports are not as likely to be depressed, are more goal oriented and disciplined.

Gymnastics for toddlers are also a great social development tool. This is particularly beneficial if you are a stay at home parent and your child hasn’t yet experienced a highly social environment like a daycare center. Gymnastics will give children the opportunity to figure out how to express themselves and interact with other children their own age. Eventually your child will quickly make new friends and grow to be more independently self-confident in their social ability. Additionally, a social setting like gymnastics stimulates appropriate social manners like taking turns, respecting others, and listening/following directions. Research shows improved brain function, self-image and memory retention in kids who are involved in gymnastics programs. The physical activity tends to get rid of harmful hormones in the brain and boosts the beneficial hormones which in turn aid new memory growth for the young child.

Besides social and physical advantages, toddler gymnastics programs also employ scholastic themes. Children will learn to recognize colors, shapes, letters, and numbers in a fun, active, and positive learning environment. Research shows that gymnastics for toddlers programs tend to promote increased concentration, a deeper understanding of important early developmental facets, and overall physical and mental well-being.